Yannick Antoine

SSI Recreational Sidemount

The SSI Recreational Sidemount program provides divers with an introduction to sidemount diving.


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01 Prerequisites

- Minimum certification of Open Water diver

02 Additional information

Widespread within the cave and technical diving community, sidemount diving is gaining growing popularity with recreational divers. Instead of wearing a cylinder on your back, you wear cylinders below the shoulders along your sides. With easier access to cylinders and the ability to remove cylinders where necessary, it presents a flexible way of diving. Throughout this course, we go through the background and equipment used in sidemount diving, as well as the practical and safety considerations you will learn during your training. Sidemount Diving has become widely standardized, but you may encounter variations in technique depending on location, weather, water conditions, diving style and equipment used. Once certified in Sidemount Diving, it is your responsibility to keep current with best practice in techniques and equipment.

03 Course contents

- 1 academic session
- 1 confined water session
- 3 open water session