Yannick Antoine

Get to know me!

History has always intrigued me, and (almost) every shipwreck on the bottom of the seas and oceans has a story. Some years ago after I got my CMAS 3* certification a holiday to the wrecks in Croatia provoked a sudden interest in exploring these wrecks further, deeper and longer than my recreational limits would allow me. And so, I started looking at possibilities to conquer those obstacles. My interest into technical diving started right there.

I started researching different aspects, like how to carry more gas, how to stay down longer etc. That’s when I decided to start investing in more and better diving equipment and training. Since then I've done and also taught dozens of courses, and I'm not done yet!

My current aspirations regarding diving lie solely with technical diving and exploration. Mainly guiding deep technical dives, teaching technical courses and working my way into the world of underwater exploration.

Top certifications

  • CMAS/ NOB 2* & Specialty Instructor

  • TDI Instructor

  • TDI SF2 eCCR Mixed Gas Diver

  • SSI Specialty Instructor

  • IANTD Trimix Diver OC