Yannick Antoine

Neoprene hood

The optimal neoprene hood to keep your head warm during those colder dives.


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  • Shot of Fourth Element 7mm cold water neoprene hood
  • Shot of Fourth Element 5mm neoprene hood

01 Description

Our 5mm hoods have a simple minimalist design with a smooth Glideskin interior and are produced using stretch neoprene to ensure a comfortable fit. The short collar works for both dry and wet suits, and micro holes in hood vent air with minimal water ingress. The 7mm hoods have a glideskin seal around the face and the rest of the hood has a thermal plush lining. The 7mm hood also features a glideskin collar.

02 Features

- 5mm neoprene hood (7mm 74eu)
- Minimalist design.
- Stretch neoprene for optimum fit.
- Ultra-smooth Glideskin throughout 3mm and 5mm interiors.
- Drain-holes in top of hood, offset in 7mm versions.
- Trimmable skirt on 7mm coldwater hood.
- Thermocline hoods offer alternative to neoprene.

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