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Pelagic boots

The Pelagic is a versatile performer, perfect for travelling, boat dives and shore dives.


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  • Pelagic Boots by Fourth Element
  • Heel shot of Fourth Element Pelagic Boots

01 Description

The Pelagic boot is lightweight, comfortable and warm. The addition of the footbed provides a stable chassis and greater comfort when finning and climbing ladders, making them ideal for occasional shore diving. The outsole gives great grip and comfort, whilst minimising weight. This makes it ideal for travelling and boat diving, but the addition of the ergonomic insole makes the Pelagic a versatile performer, more than capable of shore diving as well.

02 Features

- Ideal for travel and boat diving
- Ergonomic footbeds / insoles
- Heel and arch support
- Underfoot cushioning
- Double layer reinforcement
- Heavy-duty zip and stopper
- Fin strap retainer"

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