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ScubaForce X-Basic

The perfect warm water undergarment to fit with a trilaminate drysuit or as extra layer for the extra cold dives.


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  • X-Basic drysuit undergarment by ScubaForce
  • X-Basic Drybag by ScubaForce

01 Description

The ARCTIC X-BASIC is a single-layer drysuit undergarment made of Full Stretch Power Fleece.

This material combines many positive features, such as lightweight, supple, bi-elastic and highly breathable. In addition, it is machine-washable and provides a high wind protection.

Thanks to this outstanding material properties, the ARCTIC X -BASIC is the ideal complement to the Arctic X-Pure or Arctic X-Nine undergarment. Used as functional undergarment or in combination with additional layers, such as the ARCTIC X-PURE, it offers the ideal solution to ensure a long and warm dive – especially in colder waters.

02 Features

- Material: Power Fleece Full Stretch
- Set consisting of shirt and pants
- Size: XS – XXL (unisex)
- Isolation capability: medium
- Bi-elastic
- Extremely breathable
- Wind resistant
- Washable
- Hypoallergenic
- Comes in a dry bag

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