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ScubaForce Xpedition

The all-round drysuit for the all-round recreational and technical divers who require top range of movement and protection.


  • Female & Male wearing Xpedition Drysuit by ScubaForce
  • Overlay colors for Xpedition drysuit by ScubaForce
  • Close-up of pockets from Xpedition Drysuit by ScubaForce
  • Back-shot of Xpedition drysuit by ScubaForce

01 Description

Fothergill’s newest, innovative TYGATEX® material combines two of the most important factors for a dry suit: agility and durability. The ripstop nylon with a polyester feel meets all important requirements for drysuits. Easy dressing, wonderful texture, and excellent movement.

Additionally, the manufacturing and assembly process of the XPEDTION sets new standards. Most importantly, the new SCUBA FORCE Double Seal Technology. In a process which was developed by SCUBA FORCE, all seams are double sealed. Based on our decades of experience with Aquasure sealed seams, we are additionally combining this proven technology with an extra machine-coated tape. This specialized seam tape is manufactured by a German company that typically provides products to the automotive industry. Flexibility and abrasion resistance are the main factors here.

02 Features

- Latex seals
- High Performance inlet and exhaust valves
- OPS Color choice
- Integrated knee and leg protection
- Suspender system
- Integrated waist adjust system
- Great warm neck collar
- Crotch strap
- Dynat metal zipper or plastic zipper
- HD boots or Slimline boots
- Drysuit bag
- Inflator hose

*At extra price
- Neoprene and silicone seals (SITECH)
- Pee-valve
- Hood
- Drygloves (Sitech or Thenar)
- ScubaForce VegaValve (EO Cord inlet)
- Name patch
- Made to Measure

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