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SF Blade Tech

The BLADE TECH SET comes with everything the technical sidemount diver desires.


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  • Sidemount Blade bcd by ScubaForce
  • Soft weight pad for Blade sidemount bcd by ScubaForce
  • Sideshot of Blade Sidemount BCD by ScubaForce
  • Sideshot of Blade Sidemount BCD Harness by ScubaForce
  • front shot of Blade Sidemount bcd by ScubaForce

01 Description

Made of a ballistic Cordura material, the outer shell provides maximum abrasion resistance and yet is flexible enough to streamline and fit firmly around the diver. The inner bladder is made of rugged nylon and thus offers additional protection against damage. The fittings for the inflator and the dump valve are ultrasonically welded to the bladder making them highly robust. European high-tech manufacturing.

Overall, the BLADE wing has three inflator / dump valves connection points. The inflator can be mounted either on the left or right side of the wing. The connection point at the top is for a dump valve that runs over the shoulder. This offers maximum ease of buoyancy and safety.
In technical diving, the upper connection can be closed with an extremely stable blank plug. The blank plug is included in delivery.

In total, the BLADE has 5 Bungee Attachment Loops (three in the upper and two in the lower area). Optimal positioning is thus always guaranteed. On the inside is the attachment strap, where the wing can be attached to the harness. Moving the wing up or down is done within a matter of seconds.

In addition, the BLADE wing has two reinforced attachment points in the lower area, which can be easily accessed via a zipper. Here the but pad or a pouch can be easily mounted. To protect the inner bladder, we have added extra protection against the bookscrews.

02 Features

- 3x inflator/ dump valve connection points
- K-style inflator
- 5 bungee attachment points
- Sturdy webbing
- 2x bent d-rings
- 2x straight d-rings
- Stainless buckle
- Two reinforcement attachment points
- Soft weight pad (up to 12kg)

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