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Stainless backplate

The most reliable, durable stainless steel backplate to support your configuration.


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  • Standard steel backplate by ScubaForce

01 Description

The Scuba Force standard backplate has a material thickness of 3 mm with a total weight of 2.3 kg (5.07lbs). It is made of salt water-resistant stainless steel, and in order to ensure even higher protection, it is still extensively polished during the production process. You’ll find all holes and slots are perfectly
deburred. Optimal positioning of the double cylinders is ensured by combining 5-hole type drilling and a long slot. Extensive holes have been provided for attaching accessories such as argon bottles or battery packs.

02 Features

- 3mm Stainless Steel
- 2,3kg (5,07lbs)
- 5-hole + long slot twin attachment

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